Centre for Advanced Structural Materials

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MBE Laboratory, B1551, 1/F (Lift 4), ACademic 1, City University of Hong Kong 18, Tat Hong Avenue, Shek Kip Mei, Kowloon , Hong Kong, China
3442 9653

The Primary mission of the Centre for Advanced Structural Materials is to develop a research center for materials scientists, mechanics of materials researchers and design/applications engineer to advance fundamentals and technologies in advanced structural materials which will create innovative solutions for different key industrial sectors, such as biomedical, automotive, aerospace, sustainable energy.

The Centre’s objectives are to build a common platform of research to attracts members in the field of mechanics of advanced structural and functional materials; become a research center of advanced structural materials with innovation; engineering and original scientific impacts; foster technology transfer by working with national and international leading companies; train top level multi-disciplinary researchers for the region; develop high value-added products to support economic developments of Hong Kong and Pearl Delta Region.