Report on Laboratory Visit at "Radio-frequency Radiation Research Laboratory" and "DNA Authentication Laboratory" of the Chinese University of Hong Kong

Lab Test One organized a laboratory visit to the Radio-frequency Radiation Research Laboratory (R3L) and the DNA Authentication Laboratory of the Chinese University of Hong Kong on 14 August 2015 (Friday). There are total of 20 participants from join this visit. The aim of this visit is to introduce local professional testing laboratories, provide technical information to enterprises and facilitate information exchange between industries.

Ir Angel Wong, Senior Consultant of HKPC (center), presented a certification of appreciation to Prof P.C. Shaw, Deputy Director of Institute of Chinese Medicine (right) and Mr Leo Fung, Laboratory Manager of Radio-frequency Radiation Research Laboratory (left).


Mr Leo Fung introduced the objectives, history and testing services of the Radio-frequency Radiation Research Laboratory. 


Mr K.L. Wong, Lab Manager of DNA Authentication Laboratory, introduced the background, research and testing services of the laboratory.


Participants visited antenna chamber of Radio-frequency Radiation Research Laboratory.


A view of antenna chamber - The frequency coverage of this antenna chamber is from 500MHz to 50GHz. This chamber can measure radiation pattern, front-to-back ratio, gain, coupling, and other parameters. 


Mr Leo Fung said that specific absorption rate (SAR) measurement to evaluate how much electromagnetic radiation is absorbed by body tissue whilst using a mobile phone. The higher the SAR the more radiation is absorbed. A picture shows a view of SAR measurement system.


Mr K.L. Wong (left) introduced the truthfulness of animal and plant medicinal materials in the DNA Authentication Laboratory.


A Research Assistant of DNA Authentication Laboratory introduced the testing machine of DNA authentication.


Demonstration on DNA authentication of animal and plant medicinal materials.


A group photo with participants, lab representatives and organizers.


More details of Radio-frequency Radiation Research Laboratory, please visit its official website


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